Share Your Memory of J.F.K.’s Assassination

H U G would like to honor your memory of how John F. Kennedy’s assassination affected you 50 years ago and throughout your lifetime. Please use the form below to tell your story. If you are too young to have experienced this tragedy, please share with us the experience of your father, mother, relative, or friend.

In return, H U G performers and participants will keep you in their thoughts and send you their compassion during the H U G event in Dallas, TX on October 19, 2013. After the event, visit the H U G website again to see photos of the memorial created for you. H U G aims to heal difficult memories by creating a new memory of hope for all those impacted by the assassination 50 years ago.

Please fill out all of the fields below. Your story and location will be printed in H U G’s program handed out in Dallas, TX and added to the memories of J.F.K. shared on this website. Please indicate if you’d prefer to remain anonymous in the “Your Memory” box, along with your story.

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John F Kennedy